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Roundtable Topics

Prior to each event all roundtable attendees will be asked for their top 3 areas of interest so that each event is tailored. Events will include a mix of roundtable discussions, expert briefings, case studies and opportunities to ask questions and discussion each topic with your peers and industry experts. Example topics include:

Ecommerce SWOT (Roundtable and QA)

A regular slot to review recent successes, learnings, challenges, threats in the last 6 months. A SWOT template will be provided prior to each event for you to complete and come prepared to share and learn with the group.

Ecommerce Growth Case Study (Briefing and QA)

A regular slot for an ecommerce business to showcase their recent growth & success with their peers.

Ecommerce Tech Spotlight (Briefing and QA)

A regular 10 minute slot to review a technology for driving ecommerce performance such as user experience, enterprise SEO, feed management and optimisation, product reviews, paid ad network bid management, PR outreach and link management.

Integration of Ecommerce Digital Channels

How to integrate SEO, Content, PPC, Display/Remarketing to maximise Ecommerce performance – including a typical 2 years strategic planning and testing horizon.

Driving Agency Performance (Discussion and QA)

A regular slot for discussing agency and technology partner relationships - how you can maximise positive results and drive successful partnerships.

Ecommerce Platforms

A review of key ecommerce platforms, pros and cons and which platforms are best at stages in your ecommerce growth.

Mobile First Thinking, Speed Optimisation and Product Page CRO Testing

Increasing your load speed on mobile has a direct impact on your conversion rates.

GDPR and the effects on Digital Marketing

What’s happening and key strategic considerations resulting from the new GDPR legislation

Paid Search Budget Planning – 12 to 18 months

The benefits of effective budget planning and forecasting to drive incremental ROAS. Setting ROAS targets and the impacts of offline and online activity.

Which PPC Channels and When

Understand how to prioritise the Paid Search channels against ROAS targets and budgets.

International Paid Search Thinking

Test markets; grow awareness, traffic and revenue considering markets outside the UK.

Ecommerce Feed Management Best Practices

A review of the benefits of ecommerce feed management technology and how to use it.

Amazon, Argos and eBay Optimisation

Considerations and tactics for testing and maximising sales from Amazon, Argos and eBay.

Mobile/Tablet/Desktop PPC Strategy

How to understand the value of Mobile, Table and Desktop to inform Paid Search strategy for ROAS targets, optimisation and budget planning.

How to test the ROI from a physical or pop up store?

Understand the benefits of operating a physical store or pop up shop to drive awareness and ROAS.

BrightEdge Enterprise Ecommerce SEO

A review of the benefits of the world’s leading enterprise level SEO technology and how to use it.

Seasonality Peaks and Troughs

How to maximise traffic gain during peak season, spot low season opportunities and how to handle seasonal landing pages.

Competitor insights

How to take competitor insights and utilise these for quick win opportunities and keyword ranking expansion on ecommerce sites.

Content ideation and marketing for Ecommerce retailers

How to create an ecommerce content strategy to support your SEO campaigns with user-friendly, Google-friendly content.

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Experts & Panelists

The roundtables and briefings will be facilitated and attended by a mix of Senior Ecommerce professionals, ecommerce technology vendors and platforms. Examples of regular attendees may include;

Kyle Webster image

Kyle Webster

Phil Robinson image

Phil Robinson

CEO & Founder, ClickThrough
Matt Rogers image

Matt Rogers

Zoe Bates image

Zoe Bates

Director, ClickThrough
David Henson-Bowen image

David Henson-Bowen

Jade Coleman image

Jade Coleman

Head of Ecommerce SEO
Amy Dugmore image

Amy Dugmore

Head of Content and Social
Charlotte Durrant image

Charlotte Durrant

Rob Allen image

Rob Allen

Director, ClickThrough
Christina Xu image

Christina Xu

Alan Rowe image

Alan Rowe

Director of Web Dev

Eligibility &
How To Apply

To be eligible to attend this workshop you must be an ecommerce director or head for a UK based Ecommerce business with a turnover of at least 1m from your web store / channel. We operate a separate roundtable for early phase Ecommerce businesses or start-up, so please call 01543 410014 for more information on this.

You will be provided with a list of all registered roundtable club attendees a week prior to each event - as well as asked for an overview of your current top 3 challenges or priorities.

These roundtable events are strategic so eligibility is limited to heads or directors of ecommerce that have responsibility for driving teams, ecommerce growth and ROAS.

If you are interested in attending a workshop, please submit the form.  We will send contact you to confirm dates, your availability and topics of most interest for the next roundtable.

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Each roundtable has a maximum number of 10 people so please register to secure your place.

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